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Cresco Capital Services provides access to direct investments in forestry and land with robust returns. We provide a full independent investment and asset management service, which includes due diligence, management, monitoring and development of the portfolio. This ensures an investment in an asset class with competitive risk-adjusted returns, an element of inflation hedge and diversification through low return correlations with the stock market.


When entering a partnership with Cresco Capital Services, we coordinate and perform due diligence in the acquisition process. We do so in conjunction with locally and carefully selected lawyers and other relevant partners. We carry out a physical inspection on the ground with valuation of the forest and provide the necessary material for the client to make a final decision.


We always strive to compose an optimal forest portfolio for our clients. We actively manage the portfolio by optimising all income streams with a high focus on costs. As the timber wood prices fluctuates throughout the year, we monitor the market carefully and hereby aim to optimise the timing of selling timber and wood products. However, we do not limit ourselves to forestry. We also identify and keep track of non-wood development opportunities on the property.


Through close partnerships, we provide a personal service with mutual incentives. We manage and monitor the acquisition process to ensure a successful change of ownership. Furthermore, we negotiate and optimise the contracts with local suppliers on behalf of our client.


Investments are organised in a transparent setup. We have direct contact with the carefully appointed local cooperation partners and subcontractors. We always do so to improve and optimise the portfolio and to ensure stable and robust risk-adjusted returns.

Cresco capital

Knowledge and experience

Cresco Capital Services has more than 30 years of experience in investment and asset management within forestry, land, real estate and natural resources.


Northern Europe

Cresco Capital Services is headquartered in Denmark and has extensive knowledge and experience in forestry in Northern Europe. We focus on sustainable investments and management of land and forestry assets in the UK, Ireland, The Nordic Countries and in the Baltics.