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Cresco capital

Who are we?

Cresco is a specialist asset management company within direct and sustainable investments in forestry, land management and related renewable energy production. We have extensive knowledge and experience within our field and form close partnerships with our clients. We focus on investments for foundations, pensions funds, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

Executive Management
  • Carsten With Thygesen
  • Colin Mann (UK)
  • Martin Briand Petersen
  • Clara Guttman Belling
Head of finance
  • Anja Romby Hauge
investment managers
  • Osvald Bjarup Bruun
  • Joachim Halfdan Krüger
Advisory Board
  • Mats Sandgren
  • Palle Madsen
  • Poul Ravnsbæk
Board of directors
  • Arne Due-Hansen
  • Ole Theut
  • Mikael Glud
  • Hanne Søndergaard Birkmose

Cresco – the purpose

Cresco’s purpose is to “Contribute and stimulate towards a more sustainable development of the potential of forests and land for the benefit of investors, the climate and nature as well as value creation in society”.

Cresco – the meaning

In Latin, Cresco means “I grow“, which reflects what we as a company are focused on – whether it is to grow strong partnerships with our clients and partners or to grow forests sustainably and thereby grow the invested capital.

In order to create the highest value for our investors, Cresco is constantly striving to develop our business and acquire the latest, valuable knowledge in sustainable and commercial forestry and forestry investment.

Cresco always aims to have a dedicated, visionary and knowledgeable team of people with international experience involved in the business – whether it is at the level of Executive Management, The Board of Directors or The Advisory Board.

Northern Europe

Cresco Capital Services is headquartered in Denmark and has extensive knowledge and experience in forestry in Northern Europe. We focus on sustainable investments and management of land and forestry assets in the UK, Ireland, The Nordic Countries and in the Baltics.

Cresco capital

Cresco Capital Services provides access to direct investments in forestry with robust returns. Through a close partnership with mutual incentives, we ensure transparency and simplicity when investing in forestry.