Cresco capital

Board of Directors

Arne Due-Hansen


Arne is Danish and joined Lundbeckfonden September 1st , 2022, as Head of Strategic Investments. Arne has a background from Investment Banking, where he has been advising on more than 100 M&A transactions over the years. He started his career at Alfred Berg, where he worked for 11 years followed by 16 years at SEB, where he was Head of Corporate Finance and part of the Danish management team. In 2014 he joined Danske Bank as a Senior Strategic Advisor for the 200 largest Danish Corporates. Arne is on the board of Obel-LFI Ejendomme A/S and LFI Silva Investments A/S.

Educational background

Arne holds a Master in Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Ole Theut

Ole is a Danish lawyer and has been a partner at NT Advokater in Copenhagen since 2010. Ole has primarily worked with legal disciplines in real estate and commercial law and has built up knowledge and experience in forestry as a board member of a family fund that owns forest in Denmark.

Ole holds positions as chairman and board member of companies involved in construction and real estate in Denmark, and he holds the right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court.

Educational background

Ole holds a Masters degree in Law (LL.M) from the University of Copenhagen.

Mikael Glud

Mikael is Danish and is currently Executive Director of Investment Properties and Capital Markets at CBRE. He has worked with real estate for more than thirty years primarily with commercial real estate in several European countries – including the UK, France, Germany and the Baltics.

Mikael has built up knowledge and experience as a private forest owner in Latvia, France and Denmark and was for eight years head of the corporation Silva Estate A/S, at that time equally owned between Hedeselskabet and Insignia Cederholm, which specializes in sales and valuation of forest properties in Denmark and the Baltics.

Educational background

Mikael has a degree as Chartered Surveyor from Copenhagen Business Academy and is a Chartered Member of MRICS.

Hanne Søndergaard Birkmose

Hanne is Danish Professor of Law. Today she is Head of Department of Law at the University of Southern Denmark. She has worked with company law, corporate governance and regulation of the financial sector for many years and she has written several books on the regulation of mutual funds and alternative investment funds. Hanne is currently a board member in Danish stock listed investment trusts.

Educational background

Hanne holds a ph.d. in Law and a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration and Commercial Law from Aarhus School of Business.

Cresco capital

Cresco Capital Services provides access to direct investments in forestry with robust returns. Through a close partnership with mutual incentives, we ensure transparency and simplicity when investing in forestry.


Northern Europe

Cresco Capital Services is headquartered in Denmark and has extensive knowledge and experience in forestry in Northern Europe. We focus on sustainable investments and management of land and forestry assets in the UK, Ireland, The Nordic Countries and in the Baltics.